About Smartox Biotechnology

Smartox Biotechnology is specialized in studying properties of animal venoms and manufacturing synthetically most interesting venom peptides (such peptides are sometimes referred to as toxins). Smartox Biotechnology is a spin-off of the internationally renowned Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience (partly owned by the University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France). The company was initiated by the Dr Michel De Waard (profile) in 2009.

Dr De Waard’s field of research covers the strong link existing between ion channels and venom peptides, in particular the identification and the development of venom peptides as therapeutic molecules. This led the team to develop important know-how relating to venom studies such as venom fractionation, identification of pharmacologically active peptides, cystein-rich peptides characterization, manufacturing and optimization.

Our mission

Smartox Biotechnology opens an access to animal venoms, an invaluable source of compounds in drug discovery and life-sciences research. Its outstanding technical expertise enables Smartox to offer a range of products & services including a catalog of synthetic toxins, a peptide synthesis service, screening libraries and hit-to-lead services.

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