VenomScreen library: compound library for high throughtput screening assays

VenomScreen compound librairies for high throughput screening

+35000 constrained peptides for screening

VenomScreen is a unique library of peptides prepared from natural venoms. This growing library is currently made of 35000 peptides originating from various animals such as snakes, spiders, centipedes, fishes, conesnails… Peptides can be packaged in various concentrations and screening plate formats. Our proprietary process to prepare the library ensures to obtain reliable and easy-to-analyze screening results

VenomScreen allows to access a new chemical space, the one of mini-proteins and demonstrates incomparable benefits. As Nature has selected these compounds for millennia, every compounds are biologically active, soluble and stable. This library is an invalubale source of innovative compounds.

VenomScreen: constrained peptide library
The company is able to ensure hit follow-up studies,hit synthesis and engineering.

Hit follow-up

The VenomScreen library is made of unknown peptides coming from natural venoms. The use of a such library in screening programs differs from the use of classical chemical libraries structurally defined. After screening procedures performed by the partner, Smartox Biotechnology performs analytical studies in order to define the amino acid sequence of hit peptides. This critical step allows to move rapidly to the chemical synthesis of hits. Smartox Biotechnology has already successfully sequenced over a hundred of peptides.

Synthesis and engineering

Venom peptide toxins are naturally pre-optimized for resisting to proteolytic damage once injected into the blood stream hence, they are already highly potent compounds. Pharmacological and pharmacokinetics properties can still be optimized thanks to chemical engineering. Stability, bioavailability, toxicity or immunogenicity can be improved thanks to amino-acid mutation, conjugation of various compounds, cyclization, etc…

Venom peptide toxins are complex peptides due to multiple disulfide bridges and folding properties. Chemical engineering of such complex compounds requires a specific expertise. The Smartox team has already successfully produced a large number of modified toxins and analogs and is ready to help you in optimizing your peptide toxins.

Smartox Biotechnology is looking for industrial research partners interested in using VenomScreen to discover promising human or veterinary drugs or diagnostic tools, insecticides or cosmetics.

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