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MitTx toxin – ASIC1a/1b agonist

MitTx is a peptide isolated from the Venom of the Texas coral snake Micrurus tener tener. MitTx is a selective agonist for acid-sensing ion channels 1 (ASIC1s) and produces a similar effect than pH drops.  MitTx activates both ASIC1a & ASIC1b with a higher selectivity for ASIC1a (EC50 = 9.4 nM) compared to the ASIC1b (EC50= 23 nM). MitTx also demonstrates an activity for ASIC3 with a lower potency (EC50=830 nM).

The venom toxin MitTx is an heterodimer composed of an α subunit of ~ 7 kDa and a β subunit of ~ 13.5 kDa. These two subunits when isolated do not present activity against ASIC channels. In vivo, the heterodimer elicits a robust pain-related behavior in mice by activation of ASIC1 channels on capsaicin-sensitive nerve fibers

Bioassay results obtained in patch clamp at 30nM on the rASIC1a and rASIC1b expressed in xenopus oocytes.

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MitTx-α subunit:
Cys31-Cys82, Cys41-Cys65, Cys57-Cys78
MW: 7121 g/mol

MitTx-β subunit:

Cys41-Cys100, Cys55-Cys148, Cys57-Cys73, Cys72-Cys130, Cys79-Cys123, Cys89-Cys116, Cys109-Cys121
MW: 13736.58 g/mol

Source: purified from natural venom

X-ray structure of acid-sensing ion channel 1–snake toxin complex reveals open state of a Na+-selective channel


A heteromeric Texas coral snake toxin targets acid-sensing ion channels to produce pain

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