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Huwentoxin-I, blocker of N-type Ca2+ channel and TTX-S channels

Huwentoxin-I (HwTx-I) is a neurotoxin that was originally isolated from the venom of the Chinese bird spider Ornithoctonus huwena. Huwentoxin-I is known to be an inhibitor of tetrodotoxin-sensitive voltage-gated sodium channels (TTX-S) (IC50 ~ 50 nM) and N-type voltage-sensitive calcium channels (IC50 ~ 100 nM) in mammalian DRG, hippocampus and insect’s DUM neurons. It has only a very weak effect on L-type calcium channels, no effect on TTX-R channels and has virtually no effect on muscle sodium channels. The selectivity of Huwentoxin-I  for calcium channels appears to be higher than ω-conotoxin MVIIA and equivalent to ω-conotoxin GVIAHuwentoxin-I demonstrated an antinociceptive effect in the rat model of the formalin test when administrated intrathecally (ED50 ~ 0.28 µg/kg), without side effects of the ones led by ω-conotoxin MVIIA.

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AA sequence: Ala-Cys2-Lys-Gly-Val-Phe-Asp-Ala-Cys9-Thr-Pro-Gly-Lys-Asn-Glu-Cys16-Cys17-Pro-Asn-Arg-Val-Cys22-Ser-Asp-Lys-His-Lys-Trp-Cys26-Lys-Trp-Lys-Leu-OH
Disulfide bonds: Cys2-Cys17, Cys9-Cys22 and Cys16-Cys29 
Length (aa): 33
Formula: C161H246N48O44S6
Molecular Weight: 3751.77 Da
Appearance: White lyophilized solid
Solubility: water and saline buffer
CAS number:
Source: Synthetic
Purity rate: > 97 %

The effects of huwentoxin-I on the voltage-gated sodium channels of rat hippocampal and cockroach dorsal unpaired median neurons

The antinociceptive efficacy of HWTX-I epidurally administered in rheumatoid arthritis rats

The cross channel activities of spider neurotoxin huwentoxin-I on rat dorsal root ganglion neurons

Effect of Huwentoxin-I on the Fas and TNF apoptosis pathway in the hippocampus of rat with global cerebral ischemia

Antinociceptive effects of intrathecally administered huwentoxin-I, a selective N-type calcium channel blocker, in the formalin test in conscious rats

The effect of Huwentoxin-I on Ca(2+) channels in differentiated NG108-15 cells, a patch-clamp study

The presynaptic activity of huwentoxin-I, a neurotoxin from the venom of the chinese bird spider Selenocosmia huwena

Blockade of neuromuscular transmission by huwentoxin-I, purified from the venom of the Chinese bird spider Selenocosmia huwena

Properties and amino acid sequence of huwentoxin-I, a neurotoxin purified from the venom of the Chinese bird spider Selenocosmia huwena

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