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ATTO488-ProTx-I (Protoxin 1; β-theraphotoxin-Tp1a) is a fluorescently labeled ProTx-I that was originally isolated from the venom of Thrixopelma pruriens (Peruvian green velvet tarantula). This toxin reversibly inhibits the tetrodotoxin (TTX)-resistant channel Nav1.8 (IC50 = 27 nM) and Nav1.2, Nav1.5 and Nav1.7 with IC50 values between 50 and 100 nM. Furthermore, ProTx-I shifts the voltage dependence activity of T-type Cav3.1 channels (IC50= 50 nM) without affecting the voltage dependence of inactivation. ProTx-I is a valuable tool to discriminate between Cav3.1 and Cav3.2. ProTx-I is also an antagonist of TRAP1.

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AA sequence: Glu-Cys2-Arg-Tyr-Trp-Leu-Gly-Gly-Cys9-Ser-Ala-Gly-Gln-Thr-Cys15-Cys16-Lys-His-Leu-Val-Cys21-Ser-Arg-Arg-His-Gly-Trp-Cys28-Val-Trp-Asp-Gly-Thr-Phe-Ser-OH
Disulfide bridges: Cys2-Cys16, Cys9-Cys21, Cys15-Cys28
Length (aa): 35
Formula of ProTx-I: C171H245N53O47S6
Molecular Weight of ProTx-I: 3987.50 Da
CAS number: Not available
Source: Synthetic
Purity rate: > 90 %
ATTO488: λex 500nm , λem 520nm

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