Selective blocker of Kv1.3 channel

HsTx-1 is a member of the a-KTx6 family of scorpion toxins active on voltage-gated Kv1.3 channels (Kd close to 10 pM). HsTx-1 is also very active on Kv1.1 channels (IC50 around 7 nM). It is however inactive on apamin-sensitive SK channels. It is one of the most potent toxins active on Kv1.3 channel.

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AA sequence: Ala-Ser-Cys3-Arg-Thr-Pro-Lys-Asp-Cys9-Ala-Asp-Pro-Cys13-Arg-Lys-Glu-Thr-Gly-Cys19-Pro-Tyr-Gly-Lys-Cys24-Met-Asn-Arg-Lys-Cys29-Lys-Cys31-Asn-Arg-Cys34-NH2
Disulfide bonds: Cys3-Cys24, Cys9-Cys29, Cys13-Cys31 and Cys19-Cys34
Length (aa): 34
Formula: C149H246N54O46S9
Molecular Weight: 3819.87 Da
Appearance: White lyophilized solid
Solubility: water and saline buffer
CAS number: not available
Source: Synthetic
Purity rate: > 95 %

MaurotoxinShK – Stichodactyla toxinADWX-1
A potent and Kv1.3-selective analogue of the scorpion toxin HsTX1 as a potential therapeutic for autoimmune diseases

Structural and functional consequences of the presence of a fourth disulfide bridge in the scorpion short toxins: solution structure of the potassium channel inhibitor HsTX1

A four-disulphide-bridged toxin, with high affinity towards voltage-gated K+ channels, isolated from Heterometrusspinnifer (Scorpionidae) venom

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